CNMI Climate Resources

Climate change poses significant challenges to food production, natural resources management, and public health. Initiatives like ‘Climate-Smart Agriculture” (e.g., FAO, UNDP) and the growing field of ‘Climate Services’ are emerging globally to provide stakeholders (producers, managers, communities) with better climate-related information and solutions to cope with increasing climate variability. The long-term relationships and diverse professional networks cultivated by Cooperative Extension faculty at local educational institutes place them in a unique and critical position to help clients and stakeholders sustain and improve food security, ecosystem services, and local health and livelihoods in the face of climate change.

The central aim of this learning resource is to help you:

  • Develop a foundational knowledge of regional climate change science
  • Identify locally relevant strategies for climate adaptation and communication
  • Identify climate-related information and tools
  • Describe climate related concerns and current responses

Climate Change and Vulnerability Assessments

Climate-Related Data Products

Weather Forecasts and Climate Outlooks

Waves, Currents & Shoreline Impacts:

Ocean Water Characteristics: 

Short-term Weather Model Forecast:

Climate Summaries and Communication Tools